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LIVE -- LIGHTNING TRACKER - Temp, RH and Wind Details
Courtesy of Weatherzone


wind barbs A wind barb is a compact means of representing
both wind speed and direction graphically.

Weatherzone Stormtracker allows you to view different
elements of current weather on the one display.

Each full-barb represents 10 knots (nautical
miles per hour), a half-barb 5 knots and a flag
50 knots. Calm conditions are indicated by a
dot only. 1 knot is equal to around 1.9km/h.
 lightning Lightning strikes are displayed as crosses and fade
from white (current) to red (30 minutes ago) to
blue (60 minutes ago).
In the examples to the left the first indicates
a 5 knot wind from the south-west, the second
a 15 knot wind from the west-north-west, the
third a 45 knot easterly and the
fourth a 65 knot northerly.
 observations  Surface observations are displayed as a 'rose' with
 temperature, dew point and relative humidity down
 the left-hand side and rainfall since 9am, pressure
 and location name displayed down the right-hand side.

Temperatures fade in colour from blue (cold) to red (warm)
and dew points fade in colour from blue (moist) to red (dry).

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